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Welcome to the house of spices!

Katso valikko ja tilaa

Katso valikko ja tilaa

Lunch today

manday-friday 10:30-14:30

L = Laktoositon / Lactose free G = Gluteeniton /Gluten free

Kaikki annokset sisältävät riisiä, linssejä, naan-leivän, raita-kastiketta, keiton, salaatin ja teen / kahvin All dishes include rice, lentils, naan bread, raita sauce, soup, salad and tea / coffee 

Naan-leipä ei ole gluteeniton eikä laktoositon / Naan bread is not gluten or lactose free

Lasten lounasta ei voi tilata mukaan / Kids lunch is not for take away

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Visiting hours

Monday                    10:30-14:45

Tuesday                    10:30-14:45

Wednesday              10:30-14:45

Thursday                   10:30-14:45

Friday                         10:30-14:45

Saturday                   Closed

Sunday                      Closed


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Ravintola Masala: Welcome to the house of spices!

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Ravintola Masala: Welcome to the house of spices!

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Ravintola Masala: Welcome to the house of spices!

Most Popular Dishes at Masala

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Ravintola Masala: Welcome to the house of spices!
Aukioloajat Ma-Pe 10.30-14.45. Tervetuloa lounaalle!
Katso valikko ja Tilaa
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