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Lamb Masala and Nepalese Tea

Lamb Masala and fresh cilantro served with buttered Naan

Lamb Masala

The aroma from Lamb Masala is familiar, surprisingly similar to meatballs or grill seasoning. The lamb itself has sucked in the flavor from the marinade and contains a bit of heat. The taste of thoroughly tender lamb meat is freshened up by cilantro leaves. The dinner begins with a serving of papadum snacks and if you happen to have any papadum sauce left when the dinner is served, you should definitely try it with the lamb. The minty taste from the papadum sauce pairs seriously well. With my final piece of naan I enjoy the last drops of sauce and get ready for my dessert: Nepali tea.

Shiva serving spiced Nepali tea

You probably didn't know this about tea

I recently learned an interesting tid-bit about tea. It seems that depending on whether your country originally gained access to tea through land or by sea the name differs. If you got tea through land you might know it primarily as Chai and if it came by sea you probably call it Tea.

'Masala Chai' or spiced tea with black tea, heavy milk and a variety of spices has been popular since 1900s. The origin of masala chai might get its roots from the high prices of British-exported black tea. Knowing this, back then the Indian tea vendors began using milk, sugar and spices to keep the drink flavourful with less actual tea in it. As a result, the hot drink we now know as masala chai or spiced sweetened tea was born.

Sweet and creamy Nepali Tea

Finishing up the meal

Most often I finish up my meal with some hot drinks and today is no different. I am in a hurry like always, but I always have time for some creamy and sweet Nepali tea. Tea calms the mind and re-energizes the body which to me is a winning combo. Be careful not to drink too fast though, because the tea will definitely be hot. You wouldn't want to burn your tongue here.

The sweet and caramellized tones give the tea a rounded aftertaste. As a result the taste is very much like hot chocolate, which is sure to appeal to children as well. Thank you for the fulfilling dinner!

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