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Chef's Favourite: Spicy Mountain Chicken


At Ravintola Masala you can select the spiciness of your dish. If you know you can handle it, you can always ask to make it extra spicy. I interviewed the most humble person, chef Raghu, about his time at Ravintola Masala. He has been working the kitchen for around four years and while he is usually cooking with a maximum of seven pans at a time, during busy hours he might fry and cook with ten or even eleven pans. Here I am having difficulty making one dish at home and not have the rice boil over meanwhile. So kudos, sir Raghu.

When asked for his favourite food on the Masala menu he had the answer ready. Mountain Chicken. Spicy. So, without hesitation I decided that would be my next meal. Presenting: mountain chicken, spicy just like the chef likes it.

Mountain Chicken - spicy goodness

Spicy Mountain Chicken.JPG

The rice was very succulent today and the spicy chicken brought out saffron-like notes from the rice. The chicken itself was light brown, skewered, and prepared in tandoori. The tomato-based sauce featured onion and bell peppers. This one is for the spicy food lovers.

The dish to get your endorfins flowing

After sampling the spicy hot sauce I had a brief moment of weakness - would I be able to conquer this hotness?  So how hot was it in the end? Well, so hot that when I took rice or naan to my mouth they felt both hot warm and hot spicy in my mouth while they were originally neither. The Mountain Chicken was hot enough for the table water to taste sweet but not as hot as to make me breathe out literal flames.

So, hotness-loving patrons will get what they came for while first-timers will definitely sweat through this experience. Once the food settled I began feeling a little euphoric. I made it, my appetite was fully sated!

The food was - in short - quite very spicy.

Potato Naan - a mellow specialty

Potato Naan_hires.JPG

Potato naan is the treat you didn't have the courage to try until now. This naan is something fulfilling and it has the sweet smell of potato casserole. It is much softer and floppier than regular naan since it is filled with soft pieces of potato. If you like baked potatoes with some grill-seasoning you should try this one out. Potato naan pairs well with vegetable dishes, try it with some cottage cheese for a balanced meal.